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Manitoba IS friendly, dammit!


Name: Ilan Riel

Joined the Confederation: July 15, 1870

Age : 19

Gender: Male

Official Languages: English

Motto: "Gloriosus et liber/ Glorious and Free'"

Close Relations: Canada (Matthew Williams), England (Arthur Kirkland), France (Francis Bonnefoy), Alberta (Ralph Campbell), Saskatchewan (Owen Williams), Northwest Territories

The iammatthewian Voice Actors: Portabelluna


Manitoba is the Easternmost and oldest of the three prarie brothers, fifth to join confederation, and the eighth largest. Although his Churchill is the polar bear capital of the world, his place has a reputation for being soggy and mosquito ridden. Summers are hot and itchy, and winters are bitter and cold at his place, which doesn’t help his mood. He holds both the highest and lowest recorded temperatures in all of Canada, after all. Aside from that, he’s had a tough history, and is willing to fight to get his way. Even as a little kid, he learned the hard way that the only way to not be pushed around by others is to stand up for yourself and fight against all odds. This mentality made him quite disagreeable. In fact, his Winnipeg is the violent crime capital of Canada. Despite his hard outer shell, he’s always been pretty lonely. He loves his siblings but doesn’t have a lot in common with them, and often feels left out. His roots are Métis rather than Ukrainian, and he didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them growing up, what with moving out of NWT’s place so soon. Instead he spends his time hanging out with his millions of polar bears, drinking slurpees, curling, and shovelling his yard for the fifth time that week. Surprisingly, he knows Iceland.


It was 1870 when Manitoba decided to live up to his name and move out of Rupert’s land, or NWT’ s house. Led by Louis Riel, he organized the Red River Rebellion to become his own province. England didn’t approve of his new boss, or of rebellions in general, and Ontario wasn’t happy about this little uprise either. Truth be told, they’ve been fighting about land for the past few years, and Manitoba was quickly starting to get on his nerves. To Manitoba’s advantage though, he had Quebec on his side, who was glad to find an excuse to pick on Ontario. Besides, Riel was French. Saskatchewan showed his support but couldn’t help, though Manitoba appreciated it anyway. He eventually entered confederation after a violent struggle, to become a second class province, known as the postage stamp province. Ontario sent troops to harass him after the rebellion ended, but Manitoba held his head high. After that, Saskatchewan decided to borrow Manitoba’s boss for his own rebellion, and by then Ontario just about had enough, and hung Louis Riel in front of them both.