Placard Montreal

Montréal by Misharoyuki on DeviantArt

Montréal is one of the unofficial city characters in the IAmMatthewian Project (IAMP).

Physique and personalityEdit

Montréal is a French Canadian city and is the metropolis of the province of Québec. He has light blond hair, with and ahoge similar to Jean's and dark purple eyes. He wears a bright turquoise hoodie and a brown sleeveless jacket on top which has fake white fur on the collar. He wears dark collored pants and sneakers. As the biggest city of his province, Montréal like to show off and is a very proud person. He is fluent in both French in English and doesn't have that big of an accent like most of the other cities in the province.


Montreal by TheRealCanadianBoys.

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